crafted by photobiz


It all began with a neon orange 110 camera.

Allow me to explain:

When I was 9 years old my love affair with my orange neon 110 camera began.  I loved that camera, I took it everywhere,  and my dad would always take me to get those photos developed, fingers mid-frame and all. I would set up photo shoots for my dogs and Creampuff would grudgingly let me dress her up in baby doll outfits.  It's what I did.

After graduating from my 110 I had the opportunity to photograph with Pentax film cameras.  I even learned a little about print making in dark rooms.  It's what i did.   

When I had my own children, I set up photoshoots with them.  It's what I did!  

I’ve long since left the film behind and graduated to better equipment and techniques, but it was in those moments, I discovered my love of creating art by capturing memories in images that would last a lifetime. It's what I do!

I’ve been nurturing that love affair with photography ever since.  I am honored when you choose me.  In choosing me you are trusting me to capture all the most important moments in life.  Moments like your senior year, when you have the rest of your life waiting for you to come claim it. To your wedding day, when you say "I do" to the one you love.  A newborn baby, only days old, I am trusted to document how small and perfect they are.  A first smile, a first time walking, I'm there to help you capture that time and freeze it for your memories. 

My studio offers a personal, unique session for all my clients.  We laugh, we talk and we create more than just images. We create experiences!  It's what I do!